The Ultimate TH16 Upgrade Guide for Clash of Clans

In this article we will walk you through the best upgrade strategies, costs and times to help you progress quickly at TH16. Whether you are a veteran player or just reached this new town hall level, this guide will provide you with all the essential information you need to dominate the game.

Day One Priorities as a Town Hall 16

We recommend following these guidelines right after the Town Hall 16 upgrade is finished.

Blacksmith and Magic Items

As soon as you upgrade to TH16, your top priority should be unlocking the Blacksmith. This new feature comes with exciting upgrades, but it’s important not to use your valuable magic items on it. Magic items offer poor value for the Blacksmith, so unless you are a content creator in immediate need, it’s best to save your books and hammers for other upgrades.

If you already have the Blacksmith, focus on upgrading it for the Laboratory. This will allow you to spend your resources effectively from the start.

blacksmith th16


Offensive Buildings

The day one priorities include upgrading the Pet House, Laboratory, and Barracks. These are the only offensive buildings available at TH16, so using magic items to complete them on the first day will give you a significant advantage. Additionally, upgrading the Spirit Fox, the strongest pet in TH16, should be your focus.

laboratory barracks and pet house th16

Optimizing your Magic Items Usage

Magic items are valuable resources that can speed up your progress at TH16. To make the most of them, it’s crucial to prioritize the right upgrades. Here’s a breakdown of the optimal magic item usage:

  • Pet House and Laboratory: These should be top priorities for your magic items, ideally completed on the first day. The Laboratory upgrade, in particular, takes 16 days, a significant change from previous town hall levels.
  • X-Bow and Air Defenses: These upgrades also have a 15-day duration, but they are not as urgent as the previous ones. You can save your magic items for them later.

Hero Upgrades in TH16

At TH16, each hero receives an additional five levels. While this may seem overwhelming, it’s manageable with the right approach. Prioritize upgrading the Queen first, followed by the Warden, Royal Champion and King. It’s recommended to always have the Queen upgrading, and if possible, have one pet upgrading as well.

Managing Dark Elixir becomes crucial during hero upgrades. Make sure to farm enough Dark Elixir to maintain these upgrades. Once the Royal Champion is done, you can shift your focus to the Warden. If managing two heroes and a pet simultaneously becomes challenging, aim to keep at least one Dark Elixir hero and pet upgrading at all times.

Defense Upgrades in TH16

Air Defenses, Archer Towers, X-Bows and Wizard Towers

Upgrade the Air Defenses and Archer Towers first, as merging them will make them more powerful against air attacks. X-Bows should be your next priority, but their long upgrade time makes them suitable for magic item usage. Also make sure to upgrade your Wizard Towers sicne they pose a big threat to balloons.

Ricochet Cannon, Bomb Towers and Mortars

The Ricochet Cannon is an absolute priority due to its high damage potential. While it only attacks ground troops, its strength justifies its place in the upgrade list.

Upgrade the Bomb Towers for their defensive capabilities, but the Mortars are less impactful. Mortars don’t contribute significantly to defenses, so it’s up to you whether to upgrade them or focus on other upgrades.

Traps and Pet House


Upgrade the Air Bombs first, as they can deal splash damage and pose a threat to air troops, especially considering the new balloon level. Giant Bombs should be upgraded next, following Normal Bombs. These can be upgraded last since their impact is relatively minimal.

Pet House

At TH16, the Spirit Fox is the new pet to focus on. However, if you haven’t maxed out the Yeti and Unicorn from TH15, it’s still recommended to upgrade them. These pets are likely to remain relevant in the game meta.

Spirit Fox

Laboratory Upgrades in Town Hall 16

At TH16, there are several notable upgrades to consider. Dragons are always a solid choice for rushers, providing an immediate power spike. Additionally, the Dragon Rider and Balloons receive new levels, indicating an air-focused meta. However, it’s essential to upgrade the troops you frequently use and are comfortable with. Keep in mind that most lab upgrades at TH16 have a lengthy 16-day duration, so saving magic items for them can be advantageous.

Shop Offers and Additional Updates

Shop Offers

During the opening week of TH16, several shop offers can greatly benefit your progress. The $1 offer for the Book of Heroes is an incredible value, followed by the $5 offer that includes a Book of Building and potions. The $10 offer, providing four books including a Book of Everything, is an absolute steal. These offers are worth considering, especially for players who are willing to spend on the game.

Additional Updates

Apart from TH16 upgrades, the Blacksmith and Hero Equipment are significant additions to the game. To maximize your base and equipment potential, understanding how to obtain the new resource, ores, is crucial. You can refer to specific guides that explain how to optimize your ore collection from day one.


With this ultimate TH16 upgrade guide, you are now equipped with the knowledge and strategies to excel at Clash of Clans. Remember to prioritize your upgrades wisely, manage your resources efficiently, and make the most of magic items. Whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner at TH16, following this guide will ensure your success in the game. Good luck and happy upgrading!