[2024] 50+ BEST TH16 Base Layouts with Copy Link Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 Layouts

Tap HERE or Scroll down to find all our Town Hall 16 Bases for Clash of Clans! Also if you are new check our TH16 Upgrade Guide!

Discover all our 50+ TH 16 Bases

Discover 50+ Town Hall 16 Bases for CoC including Anti 2-Star, Anti 3-Star, War Base for Clan War Leagues, Hybrid and Trophy Climbing!

What’s new on TH 16?

Town Hall 16 is currently (as of 2023) the highest Townhall level in Clash of Clans. Once players reach TH16, two new defense buildings are unlocked: the Ricochet Cannon and the Multi Archer Tower, which play a crucial role in both TH16 War Bases and TH16 Trophy Bases. Explore their optimal placement in our Clash of Clans Bases!

If you are new in Town Hall 16 then we recommend reading our Town Hall 16 Upgrade Guide, where we go through the most important upgrades and more!